First we had no bikes, then one, then two… and now we are back to one, so what the heck happened here?

The first motorcycle we bought had some issue with the paperwork. The owner promised that everything was in order but every time we went to the registration office there was still a problem. The alarm bell was ringing, but every time the owner had a plausible explanation; “it has not been typed in yet”, “should be ready in a couple of days”, “a new original is on its way from the bank”. We even saw a copy of the document. So today we went back to the seller again and asked about the paper. Yes yes, he just got the tracking number from Fed Ex and on request he checked that it would arrive on Monday, but when Louise unintentionally asked if she could see the tracking website the whole situation took a new twist. Oh, the computer was just closed down. On request it got started again, but this time the web didn’t work… though it just did a second earlier… but we could just have our money back. Well, thank you, but do we understand any of it? We have absolute no clue what has been going on, but we are happy to be out of it (though the bike was nice).

So now we need to find another motorcycle.