Focus is a little one-sided now – after loosing one bike Bo took the other one down to Mikes workshop for and they fixed some of the things that it needed done, while I tried once more to revive my volleyball skills on the beach with Malene. The boys had had a long day and talked about many things including the fact that we needed a bike. Mike just happened to know someone selling one and Sunday evening the owner was kind enough to let us come and have a look at it. It needed some work but by noon Monday the bike was ours – or mine 🙂 and all paperwork taken care of. Sooo much easier!!

The next day we rode the bikes down to Mikes again and spend the entire day in the blazing sun in front of the workshop – borrowing all his tools and picking his brain about all kind of stuff..

It was good to get started on the new bike – feels like we are finally (soon to be anyway) on our way…

On the picture you can see Chuck (previous owner) and the new owner of the bike between us 😀