I’m talking about the Baja California peninsula. On a Mexican map it is just a little tap but when you take a closer look it is fairly long. About 1200 km (that is 750 miles for some of you), but mind you that is as the crows fly. Reality, as experienced drivers might know, the road distances are much longer. Yesterday we managed to push our day record to impressive 446 km (279 miles) where 100 km was without a single turn and there was 320 km between the two first gas stations. All this is done in what is best described as damn hot weather, well beyond 100 F (37.8 C), and since we are wearing full suits the sweat just pour right into our boots. Locals have mentioned that it’s the hottest season… and we believe them.

On the food side we have mostly been gifted with delicious Mexican food, though a bit uniformed. Tortillas, frijoles and asado but they have been clever enough to cover it up by using different names like taco, burritos, enchiladas, etc… but let’s face it, it is all meat crapped in tortillas with some kind of fillings (am I the only one who have figured it out?).

Taking a nap away from the blistering sun