Man, it was nothing less
than fantastic being taken for a ride though Central America by the
gorgeous biker chic Louise and the tough biker dude Bo. A big
experience that will be remembered for a very long time.

I met with them in Puebla
– a small town east of Mexico City – and from there we drove on.
Every day a new place and new things to see – a bombardement of
impressions. We saw everything in 10 days – jungle, pyramids, snakes,
caribic beaches, humming birds, coconut palms, waterfalls and
toothless rastafaris. We lived in all kinds of places – love motels,
pink hotels, jungle hippie huts, taiwan hostels and beach bum huts.
It was amazing. A lot of things was new to me and not to Louise and
Bo and I just felt like being fed with all the best you can get in
Mexico due to their experience and know how. It wouldn’t have been
the same with someone else.

I didn’t know how I would
feel about sitting in the backseat of a motorbike. But I kind of
fitted in very fast and had complete trust in Bo, who sat in front,
and drove like he has never done anything else before in his life. I
actually liked it, though 35 degrees in a thick black polyester/nylon
space suit, being forced to smell your own sweaty body all the time,
seems close to suicide and pretty masochistic to like. Maybe it was
because all the experiences and the beautiful places we saw just took
up more space than being uncomfortable and exhausted did. So we kept
up a good spirit and had fun most of the time.

might say we did it too fast, and there sure were some places that I
wouldn’t mind staying in for a week or more. But on the other hand I
wanted to see as much as possible of Central America and had only two
weeks. Luckily Louise and Bo felt the same way. A good vacation has
to be hard, Bo said and I know Louise needs just as much action as I
do. Another thing were that they were forced to do it that way by a
very tight schedule. Suddenly in the jungle bar they figured out that
they only had four days in each country if Louise should be making it
to Bolivia in October. Impressively they didn’t freak out, but just
started thinking a little more creatively – maybe it was the beer 🙂

I left them in Belize
City – had to take a bus to Guatamala City to catch my plane home. On
the station a rastaman said “Eeeey womaaan, where are you going?
You look sad!” And he was right. I didn’t want to go home, I
didn’t want to leave Bo and Louise and then I shed a little discreet

I miss you! I hope you’re
doing all right, taking care of each other and having fun.

By the way Louise, I
finally had a good cup of coffee – or actually several – in Antigua,
so I hope you’re going there. On top of that it’s also a very pretty
and peaceful place.


Anne on the road with us in Mexico and Belize