One of the things on the to-do-list of
Guatemala has to be Tikal – a huge complex of Maya-ruins in the Jungle not far
from the Belizian boarder (that is if you believe Belize is a country of its
own and not just a part of Guatemala which it is depicted as in many maps). We
went there twice. The first time in the afternoon sun while everyone else was
leaving. So we had the whole place practically to ourselves.

Temple number 1

The ruins were
amazing – and I am saying this despite the fact that we have seen quite a few
by now.. You can climb many of the pyramids on wooden stairs and scaffolding
and are rewarded with stunning views over the jungle where other pyramids pop up
here and there.

Sunset in Tikal

We were really lucky and saw a Tucano and a few ”Coatis” an
animal related to the recoon that has specialiced in emptying trashcans
throughout central and south America.

Coatis roaming the temple grounds

The next morning we went to have a look at all
the things we missed before sunset. It was indeed a facinating place – they
believe 150,000 people lived here – and everywhere you look in the jungle you
see suspisciocly shaped hills that the archiologists have not yet had their
hands on..

Back in the modern civilisation we once more
had to find a place that would sell us new and handle our old oil. We found the
perfect spot with a covered workshop attached where we could mess with our
bikes while rain and thunder hit town.

Getting the bikes ready for more road-action

Parking space – covered… Bo is handling the in and out of the hostel where we were allowed to park for the night