Company: Progressive

The rules are different from state to state, but in California it’s mandatory to have liability insurance (cover people and things you hit) when driving. But by having foreign motorcycle license (along with international) and only need insurance for a short time most companies don’t want to cover you. The trick is to pretend that you are settling down in the US and don’t have your US license yet. The Americans are super service minded so pretty much every insurance policy can be canceled at any time, which mean that before you have promised to provide your “newly acquired” US license (normally around 30 days), you are out of the country and have canceled the policy and ending up only paying insurance for a short time, maybe a month. You can also choose to cross into Mexico as soon as the bikes are bought and skip the hassle with the American insurance, but then you probably shouldn’t take the bike for test rides. We bought Progressive through an very helpful agent.


Company: Qualitas
Cost: 71 USD for six months

Mandatory to have and police might ask for it. We bought ours at right before the border, before we entered Mexico.


Company: Insurance Corporation of Belize
Cost: 23 USD for 14 days

Mandatory to have and police will ask to see it (pretty much the only thing they ask for). Easy to get when you cross the border (don’t use the agents before the immigration claiming it’s the only place to buy it). We bought from company office across the road from the immigration area.


To our knowledge insurance is not mandatory and no one sold it at the border (though we didn’t look very hard). Claims are often settled on the spot, cash. Apparently best done before authorities are involved.


None, the same as Guatemala.

El Salvador

None, the same as Guatemala.


Company: Same price and cover for all companies at the border
Cost: 12 USD for 30 days

Mandatory for liability insurance and it is sold on the border (the ladies will find you).

Costa Rica

Company: One companies in the same building at immigration
Cost: 13.50 USD for three months

Mandatory for liability insurance and it is sold on the border.


Company: Only one company at the border.
Cost: 15 USD for one month

Everywhere you read it states that insurance in Panama is not mandatory, but this has changed per 2009. Liability insurance is now mandatory and sold at the border.


Company: SOAT sold through agents
Cost: 25 USD for two months (which is the minimum)

Insurance is mandatory and the police is more interested in seeing this piece of paper than anything else. So get it, since there are many check points.


We asked at the border and they didn’t think we needed it. So we didn’t get it.