After all this time you start thinking
that you have tried all combinations of dirt, gravel, sand, mud, wind
and weather – and then some new arrangement making you ride
sideways up a mountain road and into the clouds surrounding
Monteverde. Here we took the time to try another type of
transportation; wires and harnesses. Conopying through the wet forest
over the trees. It was great fun being a bird for even such a short

Bo sliding through the forrest

Moving on to ever-active Arenal volcano
we had a funny experience along the road. Some coatis have figured it
out – why dig for scraps when you can get fresh food for free? So
what happens is – one coatis volunteer to go and snooze around near
the road. When a car comes along and people spot the animal it does
not run away – but comes closer to the car and tries to look as
cute as possible and usually ends up being fed peanuts or cheese pops
– this is when the other coatis come charging out of the bushes and
joins the buffet.. how their digestive systems handle this is beyond

“Any cheese pops for us..? ….please…”

We also treated ourselves to a buffet –
that came with a hot spring arrangement of 25 different temperature
pools complete with water slides and a giant jacuzzi. It was a very
tacky arrangement but we still had a good time and became very clean

Cheesy waterfalls, but the water was hot (unusual on this trip)

Arenal volcano – when we saw most of it..