Woke up early to make pancakes before
sailing to the mainland through the mangrove-glad islands of Bocas
del Toro. Then got the bikes ready for the road and headed for David.
The weather was perfect for riding; some clouds, but still rays of
sunshine here and there.

Just after lunch we were stopped by a
bunch of schoolkids demonstrating in the only street ahead..

Schoolkids demonstrating in midday heat

would not let us through – but after a little scouting around, I
found some guys who showed us a different way to get around the
demonstration. We had to cross someones concrete front poach and
would not have been able to find it ourselves – but soon we were
back on the road.

Going the other way..

We rode through the clouds in the
mountains and came across a few patches of unpaved road and
construction. No match for our KLRs though..

Don’t shoot in the road??

And then we came across
this sign – and I haven’t figured out yet whether that is a good or
a bad thing.. I mean, I am glad to know I will not get shot on this
stretch of road – but does that mean that anywhere else I am fair
game? – that bring a whole new meaning to the word ”roadkill”..

Drove into David in the late afternoon
and were lucky enough to run into a local biker who showed us the way
to the ”purple house” – were everything was… purple 🙂

Going through the clouds..