We left Villa de Leyva – a little tired of having bad conscience about taking 7 minutes showers.. – and all the other things you apparently should feel bad about – asking and banning doesn’t seem to be enough.. :-S
A simple “No drugs” might have done the trick..

From a local guy who took a closer look at our bikes in a parking lot while we had lunch on the way suggested we should go to Lago Tota (Lake Tota). It should be a lake with a beach – a white sandy beach.. just 2 hours away..
Lunch on the way

As always it turned out to be more like +200% – 6 hours later we reached the lake and then we ”just” had to find Playa Blanca – the white beach. We both imagined the place to be a Colombian tourist place with small shops and hotels and kitsch souvenirs..
Kitch sourvenirs at a Colombian tourist spot in Medellin

We asked a couple of elderly men who were painting a church by the lake – they debated for a while and finally agreed to send us clock-wise around the lake – the beach was situated opposite of where we were and this was supposed to be the most beautiful route. It certainly was – in the golden light of the afternoon sun we drove through small villages – everyone here wears hats and ponchos and horses and bicicles are the most common means of transportation.
Riding through small villages in the soft light of the afternoon

We finally got to a viewpoint from where we could see the beach – no hotels – no shops – just a small dirt road and a faded sign stating that this was Playa Blanca and that there was camping.

On the beach there was a small restaurant were we bought beer and snickers and then it was camping time.
A couple of other people had had the same idea – one family and two groups of young people.. with music playing from one of the parked cars.
Hard to imagine that he fits in there..

We got the tent op and then we were up for some more surprises – our alcohol wouldn’t burn – don’t know why, I would think that 96% ought to.. but it just wouldn’t.. luckily there was a few fire starters in the tranquia – they burned well and after some time the water was boiling for our freeze dried meal.. hurray..
Meanwhile we made a few other discoveries; Bos mattress looked like well overdue garden furniture – all covered in fungus – and mine had a leak.. – in other words it cannot be recommended to pack up your gear for a couple of months in humid climate..bummer..

While waiting for dinnerPlaya Blanca

The next morning we were off to Bogota – a really beautiful trip. Arrived in Bogota just as it was getting dark and tried (this time using a GPS) to find our way to a hostel. Suddenly we were caught in a bus lane – not the kind that is just painted on the pavement but a 4 lane sealed off arrangement with an immense amount of buses.. We couldn’t get out and only when we were basically heading out of town again were we able to turn around. At this point it was seriously dark and some people were running around between the buses, hitting the tires with sticks. I was convinced they would give anyone who wouldn’t pay them a flat tire(I later learned that they do this to check the tire pressure hoping to make a penny). But my heart was pounding loudly by the time we finally found the winding streets of central Bogota and even found a place to sleep.

the following days were spend getting a new tire for my bike – again we experienced how extremely helpful Colombians are – it took only 24 hours to bring about and put on. We even managed to do some sightseeing in this complex city.

Glimses of Bogota – as always, click on the pictures to enlarge

and now we are ready to get out of the town again.. out on the roads..