One day we wanted to ride up to the highest volcano in Ecuador, Chimborazo. After a minor detour we saw it. The clouds parted and revealed all of this beautiful volcano.
It doesn’t get any better – the scenery..
A couple of Vicunas made the scenery perfect.

We took the bikes up to the refuge at 4800 meters. Here a moon-like landscape unveiled in the clouds and Bo took the bike for a spin in the red dust.
Bo is laying down tracks in the red “moon”-dust
The air is thin..
But the veiw is great…

This is not the only volcanoe here..
Cotopaxi is another famous perfectly snowcapped cone-shaped example which is situated right outside the capital, Quito – visible from fra away..

Then there is the volcanoe just above Banos where we stayed for a while, Tungurahua. It was smoking already when we rode into town in the afternoon sun.
It’s not all clouds…

This was just the beginning of it’s period of activity. We even tried to take a night bus ride – Eruption Tour – to a viewpoint above town to see some glowing lava but the clouds where to low. At least we heard it rumble…
Night in Baños

On our way out of town we had to take one more look at the grey smoke that now belched out of the top of the vulcanoe while rumbling thunderlike noise was coming at us.
A real active volcanoe!

The locals took it easy – so we felt that we should too..
Bo and Karl-Johan, whom we met in Baños, taking a final look at the smoking volcanoe.

Oh yeah – and we also had the first flat tire on the trip – luckily very close to a repair shop and a guy who fixed it for 2 USD. He didn’t know too much about motorcycles though – so we spend a fair amount of time adjusting the wheel after this..
The reason…