On the last stretch coming up through southern Colombia

The motorcycle part of the trip is over for now. They are so inconvenient to get from one Pacific island to the next… They are put up for sale and we have said our goodbyes..

One last trip.. to the parking lot..
Making her look good for the next owners…
It is not easy parting with your first motorcycle :-S

We ended up trading 100 hours of bus-rides and the opportunity to see a little bit more of South America for some more time in the Pacific islands…
No more helmet-hair 🙂

So we flew to Santiago and have spend a little time here in this city which has a refreshingly nice and relaxed atmosphere – unusual for large South American cities.

Impressions from Santiago

A quick fix of history and culture was added – Can you guess what this is for? (see answer below)

This concludes our trip in South America and now we are ready to head of to the many interesting Pacific Islands 😀
Time to fly…

The answer to the question
This is a vomiting-stick – as it is better to inhale hallucinating substances on an empty stomach. Which apparently is needed to talk to God and see stuff as a medicine-man..