A struck of good fortune or maybe negotiations gave the Thai capital a well deserved breather just the day before we headed here. I had seen numerous demonstrations and thousands of red-shirts in the city just one month earlier. But now a truce of some sort had set in and for some days at least it was peaceful.
Peaceful Bangkok
Bangkok fra floden

In Khao San Road the result of the situation was readily reflected by the number of tourists – or rather the lack. By far abandoned, but still very very quite for this hornets nest of backpackers. We spent a few days trying to catch up on anything from computerstuff to sushi intake and sleep.
We got a free “fish-massage” with our room.. fun stuff 😀
And we got new clothes..
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We also needed to get Bo’s camera to the shop and try to get 60 day visas for Indonesia. Bo managed to hand in his camera while I handed in my passport.

The gigantic weekendmarket

I even managed to get of at the wrong sky train station and walked straight down into the red-shirt camp. It looked mostly like an abandoned festival campground and most of the people there where merely trying to sell food and t-shirts to the few stoic democracy fighters still hanging out. Nobody seemed to notice or care that I was making my way trough the camp. Only on the way out a guy asked me if I understood what the rather lonely guy on the stage was saying through a thousand speakers to a lot less people throughout the vast area. I told him I didn’t, but that I too was for democracy, neglecting mentioning of their support of a convicted corrupt politician.

All that was left of the red shirt camp

However, come collection day of passport and camera the rioting had stirred up a bit. The taxi-driver I asked to take me to the embassy voluntarily handed me over to some motorcycle guys, explaining that they could get through the barricades. True enough, I was dumped on a completely deserted street right in front of the embassy which was luckily open. Bo did not have the same kind of luck with his quest and the camera is – hopefully – still in Bangkok… Luckily, we’re not.
I thought that was illegal??
A beer and a boy