After all the great travelling in the Tibetan area in the west, I went back to mainland China. And what a contrast.


Just a train station.

The subway in Beijing – very efficient!

The Terracotta Warriors – there were more than just this guy.

Some Chinese souvenirs, dead animals.

A mad female three-wheeler taxi driver try her luck in the opposite direction.

Public mass dance on the square…

And line dance in a Chinese disco.

The train to Beijing.

The Bird’s Nest, Beijing national stadium build for the 2008 OL… but is rarely used today.

Soldiers in the street, Beijing.

There are malls in Beijing that only cater for Russian hoo… eh, tourists.

The people’s choice of car is of course BMW.

What could this be? Well, my theory is that it is a bomb chamber in case of terror bombs. They were everywhere in the subway.

Suction marks from Chinese suctioncup-therapy.

I don’t even want to know what kind of Chinese “exciters” they are selling.

Classy t-shirts…