A trip to Pyongyang is more time travel back in time, than anything else. Automobiles are a rare sight, people are dressed in drape clothes and the advertisement is non-existing. The only form of decoration in the streets are grand monuments in honor of the Dear, but dead, Leader Kim Il-Sung and his ruling son Kim Jong-Il (the father is actually still the head of state, even after his death).

I felt very exotic when I checked in for Pyongyang at Beijing airport.

Pyongyang airport.

A bunch of flowers which I laid at the feet of the huge Kim Il-Sung statue…

It is Kim to the left. Please note that I had really dressed up for the occasion.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to meet Kim Jong-Il beside on the tv. They had just appointed his son general of highest grade, so that was a fairly big event. Anything Kim Jong-IL does gets to the front page of the national newspaper. When I was there the prime story was that Kim Jong-Il had attended a female brass orchestra and enjoyed it very much, or so they wrote.

So there was a lot of brown dressed delegates in town, who stayed in the finest hotel… the bar there was boosting a small aquarium with a real sea turtle, something the local delegates found extraordinary amusing.

Apparently we were the first tourist group ever, who got permission to take pictures out of the bus window. When we got the happy news, we just went nuts with the cameras.

A trafic officer, normally those were dolled up females…

There were some public transportation.

Here the subway, which looked like a toy model.

Some comrades listing to the country’s proud military history.

Here we get a detailed phase by phase of some battle. They are very found of visual exhibition.

But nothing beats the visual impact from the Mass Games. Mind blowing in every way.

North Korean brewed something called green beer… it was actually greenish, and tasty.

More North Korean beer.

We visited a supermarket, which surprisingly had a lot of German products. I didn’t knew North Korean liked gummy bears… or had access to them.

A proud tourist at another grand monument.

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