It is fucking cold in Russia… nobody told me!!!

For once I have done my homework regarding booking accommodation and transport, so this time I only need to enjoy the classy life of Russia.

The bus from the airport to Vladivostok city.

My first impressions was elegance. Gold teeth wearing taxi drivers and hooker dressed Russian ladies. I saw three ladies standing at the side of the road on our way in to Vladivostok city. My first dirty thought was of course “hookers” because of their tight and head-turning outfits, but then I reminded myself that Russian ladies just like to dress up smart, and I should let go of my prejudices. Until I realized that these actually were highway hookers.

And the men… they all look like polytechnic students who have been passed a Jack & Jones in a rush.

Siberia looks very much like Denmark on a spring day.

The neighborhood of my hostel in Vladivostok.

The actually hostel is just an apartment in a normal residential block. This is the door.