I’m now looking out of the window back in Copenhagen, Denmark and thinking that a short resume of our trip might be suitable.

So here are the dry numbers:

Number of countries we visited: 32 (Bo)

Number of new countries, we hadn’t previously visited: 15 (Bo)

Number of countries we visited two times: 5 (Bo)

Number of countries we visited three times: 4 (Bo)

Number of countries we visited four times: 1 (Bo)

Number of motorbikes we bought: 2

Number of kilometers we drove: 18.460 km

Amount of times we dropped the bikes: Many, but only in the beginning

Number of punctures: 1

Number of accidents: 1

Number of times our bikes witnessed a murder: 1

Number of times we had to sail our bikes in canoes: 1

Number of things that got stolen: 0

Number of times we got robbed: 0

Number of times we had to bribe the police: 1 (20 USD)

Number of animals that bit/stung us: 2 (Louise, monkey and dog) and 1 (Bo, scorpion)

Number of cameras we broke: 2 compacts and 2 DSLR, along with a L-lens

Number of cameras we then got fixed: 1 DSLR and 1 L-lens

Number of times we went to the hospital: 1 (Louise) and 2 (Bo)

Number of broken teeth: 1 (Bo) – got it fixed in Malaysia

Number of flights: 43 (Bo)

Number of new passport we got issued along the way: 2 (one each)

Number of chickens we must have eaten: 10,000,000,000