Just some ”crazy shit” from Chavez’s madhouse of Venezuela until the blog is again up and running.

The latest fashion from Roraima. As you probably has guest it was cold and I had of course left all my warm clothes in Colombia. Note the stylish towel around my neck.

About 6 gallon for 50 cents… kid you not, gasoline is cheaper than water.

Nice old men… seem familiar some how.

Taken from the window in the bus. It is the web address that is interesting. Boy, where to start… and then painted on a wall. Like the almost unique name he has, we just add a 2. Supersexy1287… hmmmm. Isn’t he wondering why he doesn’t get any emails?

The Venezuelan women have curves, so for those with less junk in trunk there is help… I’m particular crazy with the skin-coloured buttpanties to the right.