I was so lucky to have been invited to a wedding in Sao Paulo. I parked the bike and my luggage and flew to Brasil. Here I am even more lucky to know Pernille from university who lives here with her husband Martin. They took me in and gave me my own room with private bathroom and hot water(!). They live in an amazing penthouse apartment with pool and rooftop terrace.. it was like a 5 star hotel..
Pernille and Martin

Sao Paulo is an interesting city. Not the classic choice if you’re headed to Brasil as a tourist; it doesn’t have the colonial buildings, peaceful squares, cosy pedestrian streets or the beaches of Rio. It does have plenty of art and culture and it has 100 cities in one..
Art and – helicopters – the new way of getting around in this gigantic city and a way to awoid the bad neighbourhoods.. – the rest of us just take the bus..

Every area of the city has a mark of its own.

Ibirapuera park close to my friends house, with views of the city and the cristmas-tree, one old ceiling in Shopping Light mall, and the mixture of people in this city; cracked out bums, nuns and regular people all in one place.

Everything from flashy designer streets where women in boring haircuts and capri pant carry their small, fluffy dogs when it is raining to homeless people living underneath concrete structures that should have been part of the road system but ended up as giant sculptures with their rusty steel skeletons sticking out here and there.
The mix is amazing and most people live behind bars and guards – it is not the safest of cities..

Bohemian neighbourhoods with painted walls and retro-shops and nick-nack stores.
Just a few details of this lovely “hood”

Markets where independent designers sell their inventions and lazy Sunday Bosa-Nova sounds by a duo who’s name I am sorry I didn’t get..
Creating an intimate atmosphere in the middle of the “Paulista” the “5th Avenue” of Sao Paulo

All of this made complete with a lovely, loving, different wedding (compared to Danish customs), a classic ex-pat get-together, reunion with old friends and a truck-load of sushi made this a fantastic holiday within the holiday..