Trying to leave Easter Island proved to be difficult.. As a hurricane had hit Tahiti and neighbouring islands we couldn’t fly out this way for a couple of days. This wasn’t such a bad thing as the festival continued and we had a chance to see more Polynesian dancing before heading on.

The bikini competition…
Something for the girls as well..
Dancing competitions with 200 people on stage..
Lots of hip movements..

Finally in Tahiti we we’re lucky to be able to spend a few nights in house of Areti and her family who treated us to a fantastic Tahitian dinner – complete with raw parrot-fish in coconut milk – yummi!
Our great host

We really felt like we were part of “the hood” since all the “brothers” threw handsigns at us. Areti later told us they were just hoping to sell us some “grass”.

Aretis husband with the cooked breadfruit

The Tahiti presented by Gauguin is long gone, but the broad shouldered Tahitians are still here with their beautiful tatoos and lovely smiles.
At the Gauguin museum – they didn’t have any original paintings.. however we learned that his wife was Danish 🙂 – well, that was before he ran off to Tahiti..

Statue in Tahiti (right)
Misty mountains, black sand beaches and beautiful clear water..
Fast food Tahiti style..

These islands in French Polynesia are a strange mix of French influence including a high number of cheeses and other French delicacies side by side with hapunas and ancient 007 looking diving equipment in the supermarkets.
I had never imagined there would be such a selection of French deli’s in Polynesia..

A quick – yet ”bumby” – ferry trip took us to Moorea. This Island had been hid a little more by the hurricane. They had already cleaned most of it up but it was still possible to see some tilted palmtrees and coconuts were all over the place. The salt water had been blown into the front lawn of many of the gardens.

Broken off palm leaves and coocnuts all over the place..
Some bigger trees had fallen too..

The pace here was much slower than Tahiti, the water was crystal clear and warm. Lots of advertises promised shark and ray feeding, dolphin shows and other amazing things – however we settled for a scooter which took us twice around the island and regular dipping to cool off.

Scootering around Moorea..

The best sunset on the entire trip – with time and peace to enjoy it…