We have three days here in New Zealand to catch up on the electronic workload that has accumulated before we are continuing on our Pacific odyssey to Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. We chose to stay at one of those backpacker places that Australia and New Zealand have so many of to house the flightloads of European backpackers. Just checking in at one of those place can take ages due to the amount of information they feel they need to give you and their endless offers of some oh-so-cool tours to random places in a bus full of hungover Brits.

Well, so there we were checking in at the Nomad Camel Hostel in Auckland. We didn’t ask for it or chosen the hostel due to that, but they gave us two vouchers for a free meal the same evening. Hmmm, look at that. We were actually planing to have some sushi, but a free meal… why not. So at dinner time we came down to the adjoining bar to eat. An young man with pimples and an Eastern European accent show us two plates and asked which one we wanted while mumbling some more. One plate showed a rather boring meal, but the plate was covered with food, the other…. hmmmm, looked like this:

How pathetic can it be?

I thought, stupidly, that the bald plate was just for illustration, but no. This was the free meal… but you could upgrade to the full plate for a generous 5 NZD. I couldn’t stop laughing. Not that it matters to anyone with a free meal, but how can any sensible person come up with such an idiotic idea to offer free meals, for then when people come to have it, offer them… well, nothing.

Man, I’m feeling old!!!

(Do I need to mention that we got our sushi).