Wow โ€“ is really the only way to say it!…
After our dip into civilization we headed for another Pacific island; Vanuatu.
Already the headrest in the plane makes you happy with its flowers..
A welcoming band – but off course…

The first thing we noticed here was how happy everybody was โ€“ they all smile and laugh and we can’t remember seeing one ounce of sour-ness troughout our stay…

I’ll give it to you mainly in pictures….
Mardet in Port Vila on the main island Efate
Fancy Flying fox (bat) for lunch?
Coconut crabs – the strangest creature I have ever seen!
Their claws look like teeth – made for cracking coconuts.. watch your fingers!

We stayed with the chief of a small “Costum village” where they live traditionally.
The king on his throne
And on a chair that is so big he cannot reach the floor – that doesn’t happen often! (and the chair doesn’t fit under the table)
This root has to be chewed by virgin boys – or nowadays just beat to pulp
then the liquid is separated – and voilรก – you have “Kava”. One guy told us “it takes approximately 50 seconds” – the are not very particular about time or numbers here..
The chief
and Bo are drinking – no women allowed – which suited me just fine – since the muddy drink tastes really horribly!
People here are familiar with cyclones and have built these special shelters that cannot be blown over like the rest of the houses – so this is where they gather when the cyclones hit – clever!

The chief told us he was going to play the “tam tam” to gather the men for some dancing. They were going to take their clothes of and put on “numbers” – we were a little puzzled by this and imagined body paint in number patterns. A “Namba” however turned out to be a small broom-like thing made of bark or leaves that is strung around the waist to cover the bare essentials. And then there was dancing and singing and hard stepping – an important part of “Nambas” wich the dance is also called..

Bo got his own Namba and even joined in the dancing – he was good!
On our way to the vulcanoe – “it is not far” – it took us only 2 hours – each way – but this is the way they get around here..
It was an intense experience! Especially the sound – sounded like someone was trying to mimic the sound of thunder by wiggling giant corrogated iron plates and huge blasts
I think you can see that the things flowing in the air are actually red-hot?
I never thougt I would see a real vulcanoe in action – from the rim! Amazing!
(this picture was taken with a wide angle lens – not a tele…)

On our way to Shark Bay a woman shows us the way. While we walk she pulls of a few leaves and show us how they can be used against mosquitoes and explain that they are also used in the womens dance-outfit. She picks up a green fruit-looking thing and flings it open with her machete to reveal a nut inside that we get to taste – fantastic…
Shark Bay..
We continue our trek with a few obstacles..
Port Resolution – our destination. Again I forget that asking about the number of inhabitants is a pointless question “more than 100” is the answer I get ๐Ÿ˜‰
Here they have this wonderful white sandy beach – that we have all to ourselves
almost! We sprint out of the water when this sea-snake swims right past me (I might have yelled something like “F****!!”) these types of snakes are usually extremely poisonous!
However in Vanuatu even the snakes are friendly – the locals tells us it is not dangerous..
The kids are fishing for small colourful coral fish while the sun sets
Everywhere people are so curious and friendly, smiling and waving
Check in facilities – well all facilities – in Tanna airport ๐Ÿ™‚
Leaving this fantastic place in yet another propeller aircraft..