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Bo 'n' Louise

A blog about one of our trips

The unprepared round-the-world tour starting 29th of June 2009.
First phase was from USA to South America on motorcycles. We made it, and the bikes are sold.
Second phase was the South Pacific... from island to island in old fashion backpacker style.
Third phase was around and around in Southeast Asia.
In fourth phase Louise went back to Denmark (August 2010) for work, while Bo continued in East Asia.
In fifth phase we were both on work, Louise in South America and Bo in Southeast Asia.
In the sixth phase Louise was in Denmark while Bo was making his way home through Russia.
By November 2010 both Louise and Bo were back in Denmark and an amazing journey has ended - but then there is always the next trip :-)

The last from Louise

Malaysia Posted on Sun, September 19, 2010 07:18:58

Before going home Anne came back out in the world for a trip to Malaysian Borneo.
Evening shower in Kuching

We met in Kuching and headed for the rainforest
Bat exodus – millions of bats leave the cave at dusk
Even more wauw – a local woman
A not so local woman on her way to yet another cave
Indiana Jones go home
Trekking 35 meters above ground in the canopy

The strangest animals come out at night in the rainforest
weird creatures
An albino tarantula – nok a healthy colour in the forest
Stick animal catching the lightWhen you hear leaves rustling it could be a giant snake – or a cute little mouse
Fab camouflagemore cool camo
Probably the weirdest creature I have ever seen..
And the weirdest plant..
Nature is amazingfull of coulours
and lovely..
and beautiful
so beautiful..

Then we headed to the coast for some world class diving
Semporna fish marked – there were fish here I have never seen under water..
Kissing fish
Cheap fish
and smiling kids

and so much life under the surface
Diving is awesome! wauw again

Then it was time for some shopping
And good-bye sushi with Anne

And then I got to see Bo again before heading home


Adios… (from the kids room? – it was Bo’s new room – maybe thats why?;-))

Wisdom of Malaysia

Malaysia Posted on Tue, March 16, 2010 13:23:31

We had a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur where we got a taste of the mystery of Asia.

Durian, a fruit you can not bring anywhere… it stinks that bad!

Giraffe shoes that will raise you by 7-10 cm… a brilliant concept.

A Chinese fortune teller that according to his sign also can…

remove moles. Such a great skill to have.

And my favorite. A list of how to prevent rape. Someone has apparently proven that intercourse can not cure any sickness. I wonder how that experiment was preformed – by another sleazy “scientist”?

Louise will now travel to Cambodia before meeting up with her mum in Thailand. All the while I will be slaving away in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with some tour leading.