While Louise was off to Ecuador and Borneo, I wandered off to Bangladesh… haven’t been there, so why not?

Well well, was I in for a hard earned surprised. Bangladesh is more interesting than fun, more weird than interesting, and more off-the-beaten track than weird.

First task was of course to understand the mentality of the Bangla people… not that easy.

But bargain with hotels was easy, they have printed their discount price on their business card…

Boutique hotels haven’t yet found their way to Bangladesh…

and neither has Dunlopillo… this is a mattress.

This was the hotel from outside… true (middle building with beige paint work)

Then I had to learn to navigate the streets… not easy either!

Some streets were so packed that it was physical impossible to get through.

Though some managed… even with a bit of goods.

Just a street scene from Dhaka, the capital.

Next task was to find something to eat. Easy, dhal and naan.

And then… hmmmm

Shopping was easy as well, there was nothing interesting to buy. This is the selection of a street vender… I wasn’t in the need of a screwdriver, a bell, or a fashion bindi (the red dot in the forehead of Hindus)?

Well that is not entirely true, I did need a new shirt when my old one just got so disgusting dirty since laundry wasn’t possible anywhere. Please note the price tag…

it is from a Danish department store with a tag of 51 USD… I paid 2 (and I probably got overcharged).

The Bangladeshis are very friendly and curious, but they are everywhere… I tried to take a picture of the bus ticket booth in the back… automatically four guys walk into the frame.

I sit down for a bottle of water and nine boys join me.

I open my door from my hotel room and a guy stand outside and greets me.

Random guys at a temple wanted a picture… sure, why not!

This is the Bangladeshi version of Baywatch. Those are cows…

Famous for being, maybe, the longest beach in the world (120km)… nobody seems to know, beside the Bangladeshis. They tried to have it voted as one of the Wonders of the World. There are 156 millions people in Bangladesh, so just by pure numbers they might have succeeded… but a wonder, it probably isn’t.

This cafe (the one squeezed in between the two hotel constructions) was described in the guide book as “…serves what is quite possible the best food in all of Bangladesh. In fact both the food, setting and the vibe are so good that…“. What can I say, I was a bit less enthusiastic about the place… maybe it’s just me.

For some places I needed a travel permission… other places I needed a permission stating that I didn’t need a travel permission…. I kid you not! And first I had to find the right office, which nobody knows anything about… but they still took me to a random office and asked for tips.

These guys are washing in the Buriganga river that flows through Dhaka… it is officially declared biological dead. Notice the condom ad in the back.

The countryside is beautiful.

And so is the view from a tuk-tuk (they are fully fenced off and locked from the inside).

Not all kiddie workers are unhappy.

Small boats.

Bigger boats.

3. class on the paddle-wheel ferry.

When you are a tourist you get invited for tea with the captain (the guy to the right)

This picture needs a bit of explanation. It’s taken from the inside of a bus driving about 60km/h in a torrential monsoon downpour… without working wipers. What you can see (or rather not see) through the window, was the same for the driver. It was mental.

This is just a bit of random Bangladesh moments:

The backside of a rickshaw (cycle taxi).

It wasn’t because it was cold that I was wearing all this clothes… just for camouflage, trying not to attract too much attention… the color of my bag couldn’t be changed though.

So if you wan to feel like a rock star, go to Bangladesh!

As always, if you want to see some real pictures of Bangladesh go to http://www.globespots.com/places.php?country=Bangladesh.